Wednesday, June 28, 2006

'camping' . . . or not

hiking helmet

We did get away for the weekend, to
Allegheny State Park for 'camping' and raccoon rallying. The park was gorgeous, but the 'camping' part was kind of a bust. They smush all the campsites into a tiny area, so our site was literally a gravel patch ten feet away from everyone else's (and their ten annoying kids each) gravel patch. Who thinks it's a good idea to bring fireworks, bang-snaps, and a kid-friend for each of your ten already out of control children to an overpacked campsite? Apparently, everyone but us.

At quarter to eleven, upon our return to the campsite (do you really think we would hang out there?), it was like a kid rave, complete with glowsticks, sparklers, running and screaming, and some dude on an illuminated bicycle. We slept in the car.

Despite all that, we had a suprisingly pleasant time. Dave raced both days, and he got to tell everyone about his flat tire in the road race. He ate two large pizzas, almost entirely on his own. Spencer waded in a creek. Alex met and instantly adored a nice kid at the race ("pet me pet me petMEEEE"). Sylvia was awesome in the crowd and loved romping by the lake. My zoom was long enough for pics of a baby deer. I sketched. The bear warning signs freaked me out a little, but I took it all in stride (note to Dave: little white lies never hurt a blerg).

For more pics, see HERE.


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