Thursday, June 22, 2006

a very exciting life

Originally uploaded by prudence rabbit.
We moved a bunch of furniture around a couple of nights ago. If you listen to the cats, you would have thought it was absolutely the most exciting thing EVER. They ran around the house pouncing on each other, bouncing off of the bed, hiding under blankets, and then leaping out and bopping each other (very sly, those kitties).

Luckily, the pic above isn't a kitty bopping victim, but it does demonstrate the kitties state when they were done with their wild cavorting, a good solid HOUR of non-stop wild cavorting.

At one point, Benjamin, all in one spectacular movement, leapt up under the bedcovers and slid halfway to the middle of the bed, under the covers. His feline brothers and sisters, being quite concerned, at once pounced the covered moving blob of Benjamin and gave it their best swats and jabs, just to be certain he was still alive.

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