Thursday, September 07, 2006

urban lakeside


branches and blocks

small waves
We stopped by a small urban park on the lake on the way to Dave's band practice on Tuesday. No dogs allowed (we didn't know, boo hoo), so it was only a brief walk on the path as Reuben Hound was waiting in the car, parked in the shade.

Oh yeah, I haven't mentioned it yet, but Reuben the Wonder Hound is officially staying with us. :)
For the reasons, see this pic:

Dave, it is entirely your fault, I have photographic proof. *hound love*

Speaking of the Dog With Large Ears, I brought him and Spencie along last night to agility class with Sylvia. I worked the boys outside the building after class when everyone was leaving. They did so well, it made my little heart flutter. Sylvia was ON, too, weaving like she actually knows how to do it (from both sides!!). Who'd have thought--practicing does help. . . I must get videographic proof of Ms. Weavy McWeavepole.

On the craft front, I've been working on a (tiny, not very exciting) secret project for Someone who may have a B-day coming up. Really not exciting, you will laugh when you see what it is.
Also, if I ever get a spare minute, I'll finish the Built By Wendy pants I've been laboring over for the past week. World's Slowest Sewer, that's me.


melanie said...

I don't know you at all but the moment I saw those ears I knew you wouldn't be able to give up the hound. Who could?

prudence rabbit said...

I'll admit it. The ears may have had just a teensy bit to do with us keeping him. ;)