Wednesday, November 15, 2006

i sew pants

i sew pantsthe new pants dance, once again
Hurrah hurrah, it's time again for the new pants dance!
I made these pants The Small Object style, except I used McCall's 4261 (yoga pants) as the base pattern instead of the pajama pants pattern.
They're quick and easy, even for me, and I'm like a turtle, if turtles could sew.

Or I'm like a manatee. If manatees could sew, they'd be slower than turtles, even, I bet. Ever since we heard a story on NPR about chilly manatees hanging around the warm water nuclear power plants discharge, I've been chasing Dave and freezing him with my icicle fingers, calling him my nuclear wastewater. Ah yes, love is in the air. Now that I've read more about Florida's Mermaids, however, I think that the obvious chilly one us might be less like the 'gentle giants of the water' than the one who walks around in shorts and a tee in mid-November:

"At rest, manatees will close their eyes and either hang suspended at the surface or lie prostrate on the bottom. They open their eyes to surface to take a breath and close their eyes again when going back to rest."

"They feed 6-to-8 hours a day in sessions of 1-to-2 hours."

"Manatees like to scratch themselves, and may use their flippers to do so"

"Manatees sometimes sneeze, resulting in an explosion of bubbles."

"Manatees usually eat about 10% of their body weight per day in fresh plants, but sometimes will eat up to one fourth their body weight per day."

Ok, ok, just teasing. None of this sounds like someone I know, except maybe the sneezing thing. Protect your eardrums, another one's coming!!

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two trees said...

those look fantastic, i'll have to try that pattern!