Tuesday, February 27, 2007

so, cats. . .

Oh, how I love cats,
when they are
especially my cats
who are cute when they yawn
how could you not
and cute when they cuddle
and cute when they sit around admiring themselves for their great beauty. Excuse me, handsomeness.

They are not cute at 3AM when they are ripping up junk mail (ahem, D'Arcy!!!), but that's ok. I forgive them, and then they are cute again.

Here is a new pouch for my ID and my train pass. I made it. The cats did not help.
new pouch, with applique

For once, I mailed something on time--my contribution to the 5x7 ArtSwap. I don't think it's arrived yet (US postal service, don't fail me now), but check out the link for some of the other swappies' artwork that has reached its destination.
Here's my contribution:
5 x 7 art swap5 x 7 art swap


tiffany... said...

i'll speak on behalf of aliene... in a way because she's my housemate... the art had arrived (a few days ago) but she's out of town until this weekend...
i just picked up the envelope today thinking "i wish aliene was here so i could see inside!" and then i looked on here and you posted photos of your beautiful work... so, now, i can wait for her arrival... but, i still can't wait to see it in the flesh!

prudence rabbit said...

Thanks so much! I'm so glad it made its way through the mail, safe and sound.