Sunday, July 08, 2007

nothing says good morning like cat puke in your kitchen

benjamin is a nerdy weaselhablo pablo? patterson is a beautiful prince(ss)
Which one of these little darlings was the culprit? At least it was on the floor. At least it didn't include little rodent body parts (another splendid benefit of indoor only-ness). At least nobody stepped in it, or, erm, attempted a do-over . . .


Recently, we visited Allegany State Park and stayed in a cabin with four dogs and no running water for four days and three nights, 'cause we're awesome like that. Well, not that awesome--the bathroom was directly across the dirt road, and it was cleaned every day (which is way more than my own personal bathroom sees a scrub brush). It was like having a cleaning lady (almost). Our Dave raced his bicycle for our favorite Team 'Snaykebyte,' 'cause he's awesome like that.
Our cabin, lucky # seven(teen):

"Why are you hiding behind that tree?"
"'Cause I'm awesome like that."

In the woods:

At the campsite:

OK, that's PLENTY of photos of "us on vacation."
No, wait, one more. . .

On to the crafting:
I finally broke down and subscribed to Burda World of Fashion. I only signed up after Borders stopped carrying it right before I decided that I couldn't live without the June issue. How could they?
My sewing fingers are itchy with all the Burda goodness at their tips.
I actually finished this top from the June issue, a modified version of #118. The unmodified pattern has a giant bow across a super lowcut neckline (so not awesome). I raised the neckline, got rid of the bow, used two contrasting fabrics (refashioned reclaimed fabric from two older shirts), and added bias binding for the sleeves, neckline, and hem. Voila!
The skirt is Butterick 3526, in twill.

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