Wednesday, July 18, 2007

progression of a print (a tutorial of sorts)

A finished print:
a finished print

I made these prints using an extremely low-tech and easy process of use-what-you-have and fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants.
Specifically. . .
1.) sketch a design
the original design
2.) get take-out from your favorite restaurant, or, if you're like me, eat at your favorite restaurant and stuff yourself until you can't eat anymore, then take the rest home. If your favorite restaurant still uses styrofoam take-out boxes, you're in luck.

3.)cut out a piece from the styrofoam take-out box. Trace your design onto tracing paper, and transfer it to the styrofoam using a pencil rubbing. If you're adventuresome, draw your design directly onto the styrofoam.
transferring the design

4.) Use a pointy, but not too sharp object to impress your design into the styrofoam (I used a knitting needle). Voila, instant print block!

5.) Ink the block. Using a brayer is best, but you can use a wide paintbrush in a pinch. I used plain ol' acrylic paint that I had on hand.
V. important: keep cats away from inked block
the 'print block'

6.) Place paper over face-up print block on flat surface. Smooth paper onto print block using a spoon or a cylindrical object. I used my Mod Podge jar.
V. important: keep cats away from cylindrical object

7.) Peel off paper, lay out to dry. Repeat from step 5.
V. important: keep cats away from drying prints

Somewhat important: keep cats from enjoying prints

P.S. one of these prints is on its way to the 5x7 art swap (sans cat).