Wednesday, June 04, 2008

rain, flowers, libraries, life!

We had a warm summery rain here last night, moistening everything and popping out a few flowers in the yard.
white + lilac
Baby maple leaves:
baby maple leaves
NOT a flower.
shake shake shake

Also, have I mentioned how much I love my local library systems? Sewing and pattern drafting books galore! Online requesting! A library branch just steps away from my house, no gas needed! Tax dollars at work, making people happy!

More things making me happy:
-compressed air=dave's computer, fixed!
-listening to Nina Nastasia, right now
-seeing thee silver mount zion tra-la-la band, TONIGHT!!!

oh!!! I forgot to mention, it looks like there will be pears in the fall. Lots and lots of pears.
baby pears


Mrs.French said...

Oh goodness! Beautiful photos and such a beautiful blog!

GB said...

Thanks for sharing - I always enjoy your photos!