Sunday, July 13, 2008

pintucks are grand

pleats are grand

so yeah. I totally made this shirt.  BWOF 07-08-101
If you sew, Burda World of Fashion will change your life. It will. It's like looking through a fashion magazine, except where the fashion mag says, "buy this for $$$$$," BWOF says, "make this yourself, pattern enclosed."

It will also make you absolutely neurotic about the mail delivery once a month. Or maybe that's just me. . .

This top is #101 from this month's (July 08) issue. It's cotton knit jersey and it's my first go ever at pintucks. It could be a tiny bit more snug, but that could be due to my slightly (ahem) imperfect measuring of the pintucks. The pattern called for facings, but I used self-fabric binding instead.

This past week, I sewed, and sewed, and sewed some more. Unfortunatly, the sewing machine didn't completely drown out the carnival. Yep, carnival. A church about a mile away is having its annual festival, complete with rickety carni rides and much screaming and loudspeaker music. The sound of carni rides et al. carries suprisingly well, in case you were wondering.

Go away, carnival. I miss my normal quiet existance, with no screaming (well, except from the occasional above-ground pool party two doors down), no loudspeaker music, and definitely no rickety rollercoaster noises.

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