Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the sylvia top, a design by me


.the sylvia top.
Here it is, my very first design, the Sylvia Top!
I've had this idea in my head (and in my sketchbook) for some time, and now I finallly have something to show for it. Yippee!

The Process:
I started with a basic sloper for a knit top, and attempted to use the directions in Designing Apparel Through the Flat Pattern to convert the bust dart to a curved yoke.
First, I moved the bust dart to where I wanted the yoke.
Then, I drew a curved line from the moved dart to the front of the pattern.
I intersected the curve along the line where the darts were equidistant.
Here's where I started fudging it a bit. . .the sloper was supposed to have a waist dart, and mine had just a bust dart, so I guessed the location of a waist dart and where it would intersect with the yoke

I redrew the yoke at the intersection point.
And then everything went to heck and I pretty much estimated the yoke line (the green curve).
Snip snip.
Here, I removed the bust dart.

Then, on to creating the pintucks. I traced the upper pattern piece, and measured out where I wanted the pintucks with a compass.
The placement of the pintucks:

I numbered the pieces and cut them apart.
Then, I retraced each piece with a 1/2" strip in between. Voila--the upper pattern piece!
Here is my first muslin. I didn't use a knit, and I had to cut myself out of it after squeezing it on. Eeep! Lesson learned.
1st muslin
The pintucks seemed ok, so I just used the yoke outline to create the second muslin.
2nd muslin
I thought there was too much fabric in the lower piece, and not enough curve in the bust, so I subtracted more in the dart area from the lower pattern piece.
3rd muslin
I traced the finalized pattern onto my chosen fabric (knit cotton gauze), sewed it up, and there you have it, the Sylvia Top!


Tora said...

I'm so impressed, it's gorgeous! You're the coolest!

christine said...


Mrs.French said...

This is fantastic...really and truly...i want it!

kbenco said...

This is gorgeous

prudence rabbit said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments!! You've made my day!

Dalila said...

This is a great top! Very inspiring! Thanks for showing how you drafted it.

Stephanie said...

Love the top! Thanks for taking us through your design process. I have yet to design my own garment, but so many plans to do so!

emeryspeaking said...

It is great! love the yoke!