Monday, November 03, 2008

hot or not? picks from november bwof

The November edition of Burda World of Fashion arrived into my sweet embrace on Saturday, heading off a whole week of where-is-my-BWOF-it-must-be-lost-in-the-mail anxiety. Dave thanks you, mail delivery gods.

Firstly, the cover jacket, 102B: love. I've had those poofy pleated sleeves on the brain lately, probably due to my recent ebay score of several genuine 70s era Burda Moden mags (more on those later).
If you squint, it's almost not painful to look at the seriously underweight model shot:
cover jacket

Skirt 110A is cute, too, although I'm not a fan anything remotely metallic. Corduroy is more my speed. I LOVE the top, but, alas, 'tis not a pattern. . .

Wellness Clothes. Burda, your quirky translations amuse me, but not enough to make me to sew myself up a cozy, erm, jumpsuit? I'll give you the neat double-breasted hoodie, though, as well as the tee and maybe even the top of the jumpsuit as a tank top, if I'm feeling adventuresome.

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