Wednesday, January 21, 2009

in which flannel is fancy

fancy, in flannel

I have a great love for all things cotton. Flannel is no exception. It's so soft, so warm, so entirely yummy. Who says flannel can't be fancy? Not me!

In keeping with my theme of clothing fit for an Elvish princess disguised as a human, I thought up a fancy shirt with a ruffle around the neck and down the front-- a big, cozy, flannel ruffle. Not being one to waste the growing stash of Burda World of Fashions I'm jealously hoarding, I pulled out BWOF September 2008, and used top 115 as a basis for the shirt.

Instead of the regular collar in the pattern, I created the ruffle collar by cutting out big circles of fabric, and sewing them end to end. I then attached the ruffle to the collar stand and the front of the shirt, and topstitched it down on the shirt front. I used hand-sewn snaps intead of buttons for the closure. I also used French seams because I'm in love with French seams.

Who says Reuben can't be fancy? Err, umm, Reuben, maybe you should go take another nap. . .
taking time out


Antoinette said...

Beautiful shirt! Love that it's flannel.

Antoinette said...

Also, wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blogger award -- come see over at

The Cupcake Goddess said...

You make beautiful things! Love that fabulous suit & beautiful shirt!