Monday, January 05, 2009

maker of things

The holidays have come and gone without a new blog post from me. Oh dear.

I've tidied up the attic room on my second floor where I've taken to spending a fair bit of time. It has just enough character to make it studio-like--sloping attic ceiling, dormer window, imperfect but cheerily yellow painted walls and chimney column. I make things and listen to audio books while a creature or two curls up on the still-favored nest chair.

Of all the dogs, only Spencer prefers the downstairs. The others will race up here at any chance, searching for a spot on the much loved aforementioned chair. I think Spencer is wary of the steep, narrow staircase, and he's smart enough to know that if he goes up, he must come down. Reuben, on the other hand, not so much. He's run up the stairs gleefully many times, only to whinge and moan at the top until someone goes up to coax him down the scary stairs.

Here are a few gifts, made by me, the maker of things:
Necklace: wooden beads+shell beads+sterling silver clasp
Earrings: sterling silver+shell
Snap and zipper clutch purse
clutch purse


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