Tuesday, April 07, 2009

a weekend trip

We loaded up the dogs and travelled three hours south this weekend for a couple of days of romping in the woods and playing agility. Oh yeah, and enjoying the sun and 70+ weather on Sunday. Not that it's snowing here or anything right now. Oh wait, yes. Yes it is.

Dave also successfully created a campfire in the fire pit at the cabin, using a pile of twigs and a the cardboard carrier from our six pack of organic pale ale . Awesome.

Inspired by SueBeeDoo's great videos, I put together a little movie of the weekend as enjoyed by Sylvia, Alex, Spencer, and, of course, Reuben.

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goldendovedesign said...

Aww, that video is so cute. I got a little misty eyed watching it.
Love your blog- especially the clothes and knitting!!!