Saturday, May 01, 2010

it's may day!!!

may and the shoulder massage

No, not that May! (our horse buddy, May, at the therapeutic riding center where we volunteer). Although she is awfully cute.

It's the first day of Me-Made-May. As you can see from the comprehensive list of Me-Made-May-er's, I'm in with the cool kids. How did that happen?

Me-Made-May, what I wore today, May 1:

me-made-may, what I wore today, may 1

The long sleeve t is made by me, from a pattern I created to accommodate my octopus arms. The cuffs and collar are finished with cotton ribbing, part of a gigantic bolt of ribbing I recently purchased. One can never have too much ribbing, can one?

And here is Sparrow to dazzle you with her prettiness.

sparrow peeks

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