Friday, June 09, 2006

Backtack III received. . .and sent

Wow! I received my Backtack III package from Booga J and it is fabulous. Booga J made me a wonderful rabbit and a matching tote bag with the most meticulous work--not a stitch is out of place.

Here's the rabbit, hanging out in my peony bush this morning. Yes, she is wearing a tiny perfect apron. How cute is that!!!!

The best part--her cottontail is a button!!!! *squeeeeee* Oh, the cuteness!!!!!

OK, now La Belle, no peeking. I've been a very bad last-minute Backtacker. I finally sent my package, and I'm crossing my fingers that it makes it to La Belle by tomorrow, but it might not make it until early next week. Eeek!!! Sorry!!!! So don't peek if you haven't received it yet. . .

The Owl

and the Pussycat, in their pea-green boat at sea. . .

tra la la La La La LA!!!

The Owl and the Pussycat


mo said...

I love your owl and pussycat! You will never believe this but I had planned on doing the owl and pussycat too but the pattern I ordered didn't make it in time. I had never even heard of them before but the whole thing is so charming. Well done!

Julie said...

I'm glad you liked your bunny and I'm glad she travelled well! Your owl and pussycat are adorable! Great idea!

Kate said...

Love the owl and the pussycat. Great idea and just gorgeous.