Tuesday, August 22, 2006

full happy monday

we all wait for the show green shoes heart brown shoes stripey circular knitted wrist cuff record store show view of a small city at dusk view of a factory at dusk second view of a factory at dusk

1. dave picks me up, reuben (coonhound) in tow
2. first stop, edgewater park, the sky is lovely
3. next stop, bent crayon for an oh-so-beyond-words-cool
will oldham show
4. no pics, but yum, dinner outside at liquid planet
5. dusk, the prettiest time for driving home, or passengering home, as the case may be
6. play with much-spoiled puppers (oh joy to have a work-from-home uncle dave) who are happy happy to see me
7. sleep with 3 kitties curled up next to me, purring away

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