Thursday, August 17, 2006

a new flyer and a sketch or two

craft grrl
pants flyer2look

The "craft grrl" will possibly be part of an entry for the Craftzine/Etsy contest, if I figure something out in time. I was thinking of somehow printing it onto a canvas tote.

Reuben the houndy boy is way to cute for his own good. Must. . . .resist. . . .houndy . . . cuteness. . . .help. . . .
I took him out to meet people after Sylvia's agility class (in which she was totally on, btw). He has been reserved and shy around new people, but he does warm up quickly. Poor boy is really hand-shy of new people sometimes. :(

Last weekend, I took houndy boy and Alex the yellowdog to watch Dave's bike race. What Alex did to pass the time:

Once, two years ago, he saw a racoon down a sewer grate. Ever since, he insists on checking out any sewer grates or openings. Keeping the world's sewers safe from racoons, that's my yellowdog.

In other news, I think I managed to scratch my throat choking on a misguided piece of carrot two days ago. It still feels weird. Who does that???? I also managed to alienate yet another coworker by saying, "Hey there, elevator buddy," when we happened to be in the same elevator for about the 5oth time this week. She didn't laugh. And you wonder why I hide in my windowless office all day.

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melanie said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that I choke all the time and have had many small pieces of carrots lodge themselves in my nose. Why does it have to be my nose - I'm sure there are less embarrassing ways for me to try and kill myself.