Tuesday, September 19, 2006

completed sewing and cats who love new things

I left you with a mighty cliffhanger re: the completion of the Built By Wendy pants. I assure you, they are safely finished, however, sadly, they remain unphotographed. Instead, here is a finished tank top, just in time for summer's ending (boo hoo). Pattern, Simplicity 4587. Yee haw. That one only took me weeks and weeks to complete.

We happened to be at a small craft fair over the weekend, where we purchased this lovely green corduroy cat bed. Fortunately, our cats are of the variety who are completely fascinated with new things, and fall madly in love with anything new in the house. Except the battery-operated bug jar. That one was a bust.

Patterson making sweet love to the new cat bed:
cats like green corduroy

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