Wednesday, September 20, 2006

doodling, knitting, and jennifer o'connor

flower hillthe small elderly doodlefloating

here is some doodling because i was doodling, and some knitting because i was knitting.
the knitting is the irish hiking scarf from Hello Yarn.
the little people are from my left hand onto the paper.

knitting in progress

Additionally, and completely unrelated, watch this video of Jennifer O'Connor.

We saw her play at the House of Blues recently, which was a total fiasco due to the fact that:
1. it was the House of Blues
2. unbeknownst to us, the aforementioned House of Blues had scheduled a jumbotron viewing party of the ohio state football game prior to the show
3. the headliner attracted a crowd consisting nearly entirely of fratboys and fake tans

Despite the unfortunate scene, she was so very cool.

Check her out.