Wednesday, October 25, 2006

mirah and . . . mirah?

I have great love in my heart for two Mirahs, one, this singer/songwriter, who may be the best singer/songwriter currently on the scene:

. . . and this Mirah, princess kitty of all princess kitties. Yeah, we are giant dorks and named her after the aforementioned Mirah. It suits her--she's got pipes, though a bit more dissonant than the original Mirah. Maybe we should have named her Polly Jean.
kitten1 (the day after I found her--we weren't ready to admit yet that we were sunk)
(this may have put us over the top)
(what she looks like these days, content, happy, confident that her princess ways--and loud mouth--will win her everything her heart desires)

ps--a correction for the last post. The race stats were incorrect (heavens!). Dave had to recalculate his yards per second, so he would not have won the B race. He still would have beat a bunch of peeps, though. Rock on.

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