Monday, October 23, 2006

on super champions, and a bit of crafting

Dave raced cyclocross this weekend. Twice. I took Reuben and Spencer on Saturday. They both did quite well, the dogs, that is, with the crowd. Dave came in last. Loser! If only he had been Junior National Preteen Super Champion of All Preteens Cycling Winner 1990. Just think of the local bicycle races he could be winning now! Just think of all the scintillating conversations we could have! Not to mention all the celebratory prize money dinners at the Winking Lizard!

Just teasing. See Exhibit B above to see what fun he has, even when last. He has even more fun now that he figured out his yards per second and determined that, even though he was last in the "A" race, he would have won the "B" race yesterday. Take that, "B" Race Sandbaggers!!!

On the homefront, a good chunk of yesterday went to Halloween costume crafting. It's a secret, but I will tell you that it involves a blonde wig. And pajamas.

I'm also working on some refashioning, from cable knit cardigan to messenger bag.
refashion in progress
Patterson, watching me craft:
Since last month, he has been insisting that his name is Peter Patterson.

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