Wednesday, January 24, 2007

hounds heart reubie snacks

Dave so very kindly took pics of me and Reuben the Wonder Hound at obedience class last night.
where. are. the. cookies.

There were many Reubie Snacks given for good behavior
cookies cookies cookies cookies cookies cookiesoff-lead recallc.o.o.k.i.e.s.
and there was much rejoicing
enough with the cheering, give me the cookie already


Hippy Mama said...

You looked VERY OBEDIENT. The dog is training you well.

Flibbertygibbet said...

What a lovely blog! Great photographs. (I found you via Wardrobe Refashion) I love the picture of the four dogs with their owners: couples 1 and 3 are totally into it; couple 2 think couple 1 are showing off; and certainly the canine element of couple 4 is having none of it - brilliant!