Monday, January 22, 2007

made by me skirt, and wintery romping

My latest project went from this (from last week): skirt in progress
to this (last night):
and I'm wearing it right now--hee hee! I made it from the basic skirt pattern in Sew U, the Built By Wendy book, modified slightly wider at the bottom for more of an A-line. I also used the green binding (cotton jersey from a thrifted sheet) at the waist instead of using the facings. The pockets are my own design, just rectangles with the bottom corners rounded using a roll of masking tape as a guide. The fabric is a tweedy purple and green with flecks of yellow, from the thrift store. I heart thrifted fabric. Note the Pablo cat tail in the corner of the pic. That cat has a camera-dar, seriously.

Also on the crafty front, I tried kool aid dying some super chunky recycled yarn from a thrifted sweater.
kool aid dyed thrifted yarn

Dave was very very busy this weekend I sure hope he's not being mesmerized by the official website of Team SnaykeByte in this pic. The rest of us had a spot of cabin fever, some of us more than others, ahem, Alex and very very bad Alex.

At the point that the cats started wishing I had never brought that stupid camera into their sacred abode, no.  not the camera.  again., I decided to gather up the dogs for some wintery romping.
You rang?

Got the stick!!

Throw the stick!!!!

You're bringing the camera outside, too?


Hippy Mama said...

Your skirt is so cute!! I totally covet.

Ilove your sweet family too :-)

Alina said...

Ooh - I've got Sew U as well, how inspiring is it! Love the skirt, but I must say, the shoes are cute too :)