Tuesday, January 09, 2007

look up, it's new

Hello, hello, what's this? It's a brand new banner for prudence rabbit. It only took me a year to figure out how to get a banner up there. I really must learn html. I feel quite illiterate when trying to read my template.
Oh yes, and disaster was only very slightly averted on Saturday when I had the bright idea to move to the new blogger. I thought all the changes I had formerly made to the template through the guess and peck method were gone forever. And what earthshaking changes those are. Background color! Font changes! Column width!!! I feel like I am spelling out C. . .A. . . T, C-A-T, kuh-at, CAT!! I got it! If only they had taught us this stuff in grade school, where 'computer class' consisted entirely of playing Word Muncher and Oregon Trail.

In other news, it's been a legwarmer revolution around here. With the cold blustery winds, I had a chance to put these legwarmers I made last year to good use. Don't they look ever stylin' with my red Chucks?
legwarmer revolution

Also, we had a banner day (ha ha?) at the thriftie:
patterson with some of the thrifting haul
We picked up a bunch of fabric/clothes, including some nice hoodies, which are hard to score thrifting, and a hand-crocheted afghan. Dave found this hoodie for me--super-score! ds found this for me, at the thriftie

After a couple of months off from our monthly agility seminar, we went back on Sunday. Sylvia was rad (that's for you, ds), and hardly sniffed at all, until the very last short sequence of the day--I think she was tired. She even did the weaves (12 poles!--we've been practicing) and Bud said she's "starting to look like a trained dog." He cracks me up. Yay, Sylvia!
Here's what she did when we got home:
what sylvia did after today's agility seminar She must have rested well, because yesterday she was full of it, even initiating wrestling Reuben in the yard, along with her usual chase games.
Alex, just because he's cute, and because he and the other boys were good travelers to our agility day.

I'm still enjoying the camera
wooden flowers
and I was an artsy little busy beaver as well.

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