Monday, March 05, 2007

under the weather

Send any spare vibes our way for Patterson Cat (or Mr. Patterson, as he prefers). He's been under the weather all weekend, which, in cat terms, means that the contents of his stomach found themselves in places where they shouldn't find themselves, including on top of his very tolerant Uncle Dave. His Uncle Dave was generous enough to forgive the unfortunate misplacement of stomach contents and kindly escort him to the doctor today for xrays (clear, thankfully) and medicine.

Other highlights of the weekend:
-reaching a new low: being excited about getting carded on my 30th b-day
-Saturday morning crafting (Sew U, the shirt, coming soon), listening to
John Vanderslice, Pixel Revolt
-Reuben the hound's extreme excitement over recall games with me+uncledave+KIBBLE, hilarious
-receiving my 5x7 artswap piece---it is awesome!!!! Picture to come soon. . .


cally said...

the good vibes being sent as i type,
hope they help. linked to you via sew green, so already it is hooking green girls around the globe. cool.

smrp said...

Hi Katie, any updates on SeƱor Patterson? Hoping he is not sharing his stomach contents any longer, rather that they are staying in his belly like a good little (non-guppie) kitty :)

Belated happy birthday!!!

Give the whole crew a special squish from all of us, and an extra special gentle one to beautiful Mr. P! He sure is a handsome devil!