Friday, March 02, 2007


and so i was, at four

Here I am, at four, exactly 26 years ago today. I remember I didn't want to wear that hat because it itched, but my aunt had me put it on for the picture. I remember being thrilled about the cake, and that it was vanilla. I'm amused that I was a weather wimp even back then-note the turtleneck+sweater combo underneath my party smock.

In the birthday blogging tradition, here are thirty fascinating things about me:
1: I love bananas, but only if they are sweet and over-ripe
2: My absolute least favorite food is beets. Or steak-um. Or beets+steak-um, and why don't we add some vinegar while we're at it. . .
3: I wasn't obsessed with dogs until the 4th grade when I read a book about a girl adopting a shelter dog. Obsession still going strong.
4: I love the smell of lighting a match.
5: I hate the sound of people clipping their nails.
6: I own three bicycles.
7: I haven't had short hair since the 1st grade.
8: My kitchen walls are painted pink, pepto-bismol pink.
9: I still dislike the former owners of my house for painting the kitchen pepto-bismol pink.
10: I'm too lazy to repaint.
11: I've been with my SO for 7+ years.
12: We had no pets when we started dating.
13: Now, we have 'several' pets.
14: We enjoy going to the movies, dancing, and long walks on the beach (no, not really)
15: We enjoy going to shows (really)
16: like the thermals, who we saw last night
17: and took photos here, here, and here.
18: The first movie we saw together was Boys Don't Cry.
19: We made out in the movie theater.
20: I used to be allergic to cats.
21: Apparently I'm cured, because now I have 'several' cats.
22: I'm a lefty.
23: Fascinating, I know--I'm stretching.
24: I still remember the smell of the soap in the bathroom at kindergarten.
25: I get nervous easily.
26: My SO tells me you can't tell, but I have my doubts.
27: I bought my house so the dogs would have a big yard to play in.
28: I was an English major in college.
29: It bothers me to end a sentence with a preposition, but I still do it.
30: Here comes the sun. It's making me smile, and giving me a sneaking suspicion that someone will be going on a secret bicycle ride soon. .

The End.

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malkeh said...

I can't wait to investigate your site further. You are a fascinating and talented young lady.

Parris Larrain, Mgr
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