Tuesday, April 03, 2007

going sew u crazy (and more of what i've been up to)

These past few months, I've been loving Wendy Mullin's patterns from Simplicity and from her book, Sew U. Here are a couple of those projects I completed a while ago, and have been wearing like crazy, but haven't blogged about yet (heavens!).
Pants from Sew U:
sew u pantssew u pants, the waistband
These are sooo comfy in tan denim. I left out the pockets and the topstitching for a dressier look, so I can secretly wear jeans to work (shhhhhh!).
I used 2 pearly snaps in place of a button at the front.

Simplicity Built By You Jacket:
DSC_0009 DSC_0008
The dusty plum corduroy was from my favorite thrift store. I had just enough fabric for the jacket, and not enough for pockets. Who needs pockets, anyway, when you have a nifty satchel? (also made by me)

More fun we've had lately:
-Sylvigility in the backyard DSC_0189
-Dave's band 'rocked out' at their CD release party DSC_0082
-speaking of the CD. . .
cover art by yours truly (wheee!)

-Neko Case + Beachland Ballroom = AMAZING

-fun in the park with my guys:
-and Springtime HIKING!!!!

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