Tuesday, June 17, 2008

messenger bag #2--done!!

So not only is Dave a good musician, he's also excellent at modelling messenger bags. What talent.

good at modelling messenger bags

This is the bag I made for my brother, finished just in the nick of time. It's based on Simplicity 9000, like the one from last week, but I made a few more modifications. Instead of sewing it all together with bias binding, I sewed all the pieces to each other. I also chopped apart the pattern piece for the flap, added seam allowances, sewed the top and bottom flap pieces together and turned it inside out. Then I put it all together kind of like I put a tote bag together (see this Totes 101 tutorial), being sure that I pinned the strap and the flap to the right seams before sewing.

This beastie came from my sketchbook, via the power of the Transfer Tool.

check out this casual pose that's what you get from a gazillion miles of bike riding


Mrs.French said...

such a model! Oh and how I love this bag...Mr. French would love it too.

Mrs.French said...

oh and the beastie is my favorite part.