Thursday, July 03, 2008

vintage sewing, 70's style

I just completed my first attempt at sewing a vintage pattern. The accomplishment somehow compelled me to strike an emo pose, complete with "jazz hands" and "looking thoughtful." It also forced me to put on a pair of leggings. Ooh leggings, how I've missed your early 90s stretchy comfort.
sweet emo pose
This is Simplicity 9372, direct from the 70's, via Sandritocat's Etsy. I was her 300th customer, so I snagged a bunch of sweet vintage patterns at a fabulous price.
simplicity 9372
Is there anything more awesome than a sailor collar?
sailor collar!!
I think not.
being a good hound in the background
Except, perhaps, a hound-approved sailor collar.
what do you think, hound?
The pattern is pretty straightforward. I did have to add darts to the front and deepen the darts in the back for the fitted look of the pattern envelope drawing. According to the envelope, this pattern features, "the new narrow shoulder look," where "the shoulder length of the pattern is shorter and the head of the sleeve is higher." It has a tiny dart on the top of the sleeve head that helps a bunch with the ease at the shoulder seams.

The fabric is orange and yellow seersucker from my stash. When I bought it for some ridiculously cheap clearance price, the cutting table clerk asked, "And what are you going to do with this??" I think I mumbled something about pillowcases or bags. Had I known what it would really become . . . I still would have mumbled something about pillowcases or bags, but I would have been smiling, thinking about the awesomeness of sailor collars . . . and leggings . . . and emo poses.


sandritocat said...

I love seeing the patterns made into clothing that have purchased form me. That is so CUTE! Thanks for mentioning my shop.


ds said...

Nice hound!