Monday, June 09, 2008

my lucky day, it's a hot one

If you're wondering what we do around here when the mercury hits 90F, well, we get out the doggie pool, of course!
time for the doggie pool
We pant a lot (the dogs more than me, but only slightly).
We hang out in the shade. . .

. . . or in the sun, if you're Reuben (he hasn't quite figured that one out yet).
And, we get to see Spen being silly instead of intense.
see spen play
Ok, ok, in addition to being intense.

Oh, yes! And we sew. More on that tomorrow, when it's (fingers crossed) finished.

As far as my luck, it's flying high--I just won one of six packages from the extremely generous and talented Ysolda in her blogaversary contest. Thanks Ysolda!!

Also, if you haven't yet joined, check out s_t_i_l_l, a still life photo project this week only, started by Uniform Studio.

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