Thursday, June 12, 2008

things that grow despite my inattention

I can take no credit for these things that grow in my yard despite my nearly absolute inattention. They seem to be doing just fine on their own. They seem to like it here on my natural and slightly wild little half-acre.
. ....

Other beings require quite a bit more of my attention, namely, Spencer the Beautiful But Evil Genius. He thinks he can save the world, or at least this slightly wild little half-acre. Umm, no thanks Spen, everything's under control.
the guardian (or so he thinks)

Dave and I went thrifting yesterday, and I scored this quilt, as well as several more (wool, angora, cashmere!) sweaters for the continuing sweaters to yarn stash project.
I'm adding the quilt pic to s t i l l, and this one, too:

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