Wednesday, June 11, 2008

three for s t i l l and a hound's work is never done

s t i l l going strong, including three today, from me.
corner postshellclover

Reuben+Dave, Dave+Reuben. They seem to have an innate understanding of each other, a special bond.
I check up on my other human

Maybe it is because they both like me so much? (Yeah, that must be it).
a hound's work is never done

Or could it be that they are the same being, split in two? They're two chips off the same block, many slightly silly parts combined to make two very good wholes.
One good hound.
nice hound.
One good human.
nice human.


stacy said...

The photo of the dog is the best.

Mrs.French said...

I love your sweet stills...and the hound and that human of yours seem pretty lucky gal you!