Tuesday, July 15, 2008

why yes, there is more where this came from

I'm on a roll, a sewing roll. I also actively joined patternreview.com by posting my very first pattern review (the Burda top from the previous post). The peeps over there are super nice and left me all sorts of sweet comments. I have to say, though, that browsing all of the fab creations makes me totally insecure about my sewing skills. Must add to the to do list: learn fitting and pattern alteration.

Today's completed sewing is Simplicity 3773.
simplicity 3773
this is the back of the shirt
And the necessary picture with a dog:
even more sewing

I didn't like how the pattern cut away at the front armholes. I know it's a design feature, but it bothered me that the collar overlapped the armholes, so I re-drafted the front of the armholes (ha--that sounds so fancy for my eyeball-it-and-guess technique) to provide more coverage.

I used self-fabric binding for the armholes, and I hand sewed a wide running stitch around the collar to topstitch it. I used the reverse side of the fabric for the binding and the collar, to create a slight contrast. The fabric is a cotton print that my brother and SIL gifted me. Thanks for the shirt, bro and SIL!

Tonight, my guy raced his bicycle at a local weekly race. I opted to stay home and walk the dogs, so I missed him winning a prime (one circuit of the race) for points. Way to go, one can never have too many points. His highlight of the evening was trying out a very expensive pair of bicycle wheels.

My highlight of the evening was a couple slowing their car as I walked Spencer so they could tell me I was just like Victoria Stillwell. Of course, being the cable-less type, I had no idea who Victoria Stillwell was, so I just smiled confusedly and nodded. Of course, at that instant, the neighbor's loose 10 lb. poodle/maltese mix charged across its lawn ferociously, thankfully stopping at the curb, and Spen lost his marbles. The car sped off.

Patterson's highlight of the evening was lounging luxuriously on one of the throw pillows I scored at the thrift store last night, specifically because I knew the cats would flip over them.
enjoying the spoils


katherine h said...

Don't feel insecure...just enjoy everyone's creations. That is one fab topper you have made. I love both the fabric and design.

prudence rabbit said...

Thank you! There are so many wonderful creations on patternreview. It's a great resource, and it's motivating me to learn more!