Wednesday, November 05, 2008

how we celebrated

Of course, I am thrilled about the outcome of the election!
Dave and I went a little nuts last night watching Obama's speech, and we shared a whole mug of hot chocolate with some Irish creme liqueur. Sooooo tasty. Don't worry, we used organic chocolate syrup and organic milk.

Reuben and Sylvia celebrated by being smokin' in agility class, although they seem to have confused the whole idea, and think that our new president is string cheese. Whee! Hooray for cheese. Hooray for cheese that comes in handy shrink wrapped packages!

Foster puppy didn't really celebrate, but we hope he will be celebrating tonight, when we drop him off at his new forever home. I won't lie--I am a little sad to see him go (puppy puppy puppy puppy), but I am happy for his new family. Here is Mr. Cuteness learning a little about the ways of the world.

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