Friday, November 07, 2008

on being a third place winner three times

In the past few months, I've entered several online sewing contests. Three must be my lucky number, because, to my surprise and delight, I've just won third place for the the third time.

First, several months ago, it was the Sylvia top in the My Pattern contest at

Next, it was the Prudence cocktail dress in the Malissa Variation Contest at Third place!!
prudence screenshot

And yesterday, I once again emerged as the queen of 3rd place in the Recycle Mini-Challenge at for my Recycled Esther.
esther screenshot

I used an old coverlet to make this cardigan. It's incredibly cozy for the coming winter (booo!!). The coverlet had seen better days, as it suffered from a gigantic hole in the center as well as some discoloration. I dyed it with tea to even out the coloration.

See my Tea Dying How To here

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