Tuesday, January 13, 2009

behind every clever girl. . .

from eggagogo
The freakiest/most awesome part of this genius artwork is that Dave sports those exact glasses and beard. Well, his beard isn't quite as much of a manbeard that grows all the way up to the lips type of beard. Even so, scary!
Regarding yesterday's post, I was all eager to show my suit and, in my haste, I failed to mention my vision while creating it. I had in mind a style that has something of a Victorian flare (did Victorians have flair?) without being costumey or looking like it's straight from a Renaissance Faire. Ok, maybe a little bit Ren Faire, like an Elvish princess disguised as a human. Oh crap, did I just type that for real?
Er, moving along to my latest knitting project, the Teva Durham Loop de Loop cabled riding jacket. If my knitting patience can hold on for this entire project, I think I'll end up with a magical Victorian-esque sweater that will save me from the snow hex once and for all. (and bring me to my long lost Elvish kingdom. . .)
beginnings of teva's riding jacket

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