Monday, January 12, 2009

well suited

painted lady linen suit..

Maybe I've mentioned this before, but Pablo the cat (the big beautiful orange furry one) loves to be in pictures. He's a curious creature, forever wandering the house getting into everyone else's business, so maybe that's the reason he often shows up somewhere within the camera frame. He also never sleeps. Dave thinks he's a super soldier.

In addition to Pablo, the above photos feature a guest appearance by Mirah, the resident fraidy cat, and my latest sewing creation, my entry to the BurdaStyle Suit Variation Contest. Ha. You didn't recognize me without my trusty jeans + sweater daily uniform, did you? Hmm. Make that 2 to 3 sweaters worn simultaneously to ward off the snow hex from the piles of snow outside my doorstep these days.

Anyway, the suit. I used the Eva and Sidonie patterns from burdastyle, with a bunch of modifications:

-widened neckline
-narrowed shoulders by adding a shoulder dart
-eliminated notch in collar to make shawl collar
-lengthened hem
-rounded front of hem
-created tie belt with button closure
-eliminated buttons on jacket front and cuffs
-lengthened cuffs

-used Sidonie 'paper bag style' tutorial on burdastyle to make ruffle
-sewed the back seam allowance down to form 2 casings for 2 strips of 1/4" elastic (to gather the back)

I used olive green linen that I scored from the thrift store in the fabulous carefree days before Other Sewers discovered and plundered my thrift store source.



Christine said...

This is so lovely! Awesome job, the suit looks too cool.

Teegs said...

Wow, this suit is just gorgeous and the colour suits you so much. Absolutely wish I had one :)

glamspoon said...

good friggin' lord that is lovely. well done, my dear, well done.

Julia said...

I saw your frilly flannel on burda and found my way to your blog. . . love your stuff! This suit is completely fabulous, and maybe belongs in a really fancy store selling for a ridiculous amount of money. good work.