Sunday, May 02, 2010

say hello to my little friend

Me-Made-May, day 2:

me-made-may, what I wore today, may 2

This was one of Dave's old t-shirts, and I couldn't just let it fall by the wayside. I refashioned it into a long sleeved t using fabric from a couple of other old t's.

It fits the bill for my glamorous day of cleaning out closets and playing with dogs.

say hello to my little friend

Say hello to my other new little friend, a vintage Italian-made Necchi Bu Nova from the 40s. The craigslist gods have been smiling on me lately. I grabbed this lovely machine for a steal, assuming it would need some work, but after a liberal application of sewing machine oil, it was up and running. It's smooth, quiet, and makes perfect, even stitching to die for. Lucky me!

"necchi bu nova" or "why I love craigslist"

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Ali said...

love the shirt!